Our Process

Our process starts and ends with the client. To be effective, we get to know you and your processes, understand your needs and expectations, provide elite customer service, and assure the highest quality product and service. Streamlined processes and advanced technology ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and ensure that our appraisers have the tools they need to deliver quickly, while also ensuring we provide constant communication with all parties.


Client Assessment

Our team assesses your company’s individual needs and requirements. We build our processes around you, not the other way around. From there, order placement is simple, fast, and configured around you.


Order and Assignment

Placing an order with UAS is simple and secure. We have partnered with Appraisal Scope, a technology company providing residential and commercial software solutions, which can integrate with a lender client on one side and provide automated QC at the vendor side of each transaction.

Your order will be matched with only the most competent appraiser based on proximity, experience, and expertise. Our partnership with Appraisal Scope allows us access to over 33,000 appraisers nationwide, and a platform that is truly customizable and scalable to handle your individual needs.


The Appraisal

Communication is key. You will receive automated alerts on the status of your order from assignment to completion. Once an order is placed, the assigned appraiser has 24 hours from order acceptance to schedule the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, we require the appraiser to submit a report for review within 48 hours.

Appraisal Review

All reports are reviewed internally for compliance and to ensure your requirements are adhered to. Once the report has passed our internal review, a copy will be sent to your organization for review.

Order Review

We monitor and perform continuous improvement exercises on an ongoing basis. You can trust that with each transaction, our team will use that information to find ways to improve your experience with us.